The Epiphone Genesis Custom

by Michael Rogers

I received my first Epiphone Genesis guitar in 1988. I received it as a sixteenth birthday present from my mom. It was my first good electric guitar. My mom purchased it as a consignment deal at Andrea Bogusko’s Music store in Wilkes-Barre, PA. It was trashed from the day I got it.

The previous owner decided they didn’t care for the wine red color and they stripped it and did an awful job refinishing it with a dark stain.

Eventually, because I took the thing everywhere with me, the neck began to crack and warp from not being lacquered, and eventually, the head stock just snapped off. I tried my best to glue it, but it was useless. I still have it. It sits in a case in a junk room in my house. I missed playing it over the years. It had a unique and distinct vibe and sound to it. I went on a tangent with Charvel and Jackson guitars for most of my adult life, but the power and sustain of the solid mahogany Genny eluded me.

Until now.

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