The Essence of Reality

Once you’ve seen reality for what it is, you can’t unsee it. It permeates your existence with truth, filtering every piece of information entering your brain through your senses. What we consider to be real, simply isn’t, not in the sense we’re led to believe it is anyway.

Reality, and what we would refer to as the universe, is simply a projected holographic template which consciousness essentially utilizes as a playground.

I say template because we’re all co-creating this reality simultaneously with one another. The template itself is governed by mathematics and geometry, arranged into an atomic structure, but each one of our individual actions, interactions, intentions, loves, and fears are poured into this mix to co-create an ever-evolving final product. Our interaction with this set template governs how it all unfolds. When someone new is born into it, the reality changes, as it does when someone dies out of it.

We’re all individual expressions of one consciousness.

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