s k r e w i c i d e

Original Music by: skrewicide

Skrewicide is an alias I’ve put original music out through for a few years now. When I came up with the name, and the subsequent domain (which I gave up to focus more on damnage), a few years ago, I felt it was important to not release music under the damnage moniker.

There were (and are) so many other people who use ‘damnage’ as a name to release music with, I didn’t want any confusion about what was, or wasn’t me releasing it.

I’ve got news for you guys, I OWN the name. Damnage.com is a concept I came up with twenty years ago. It isn’t going anywhere. It isn’t for sale. I’m not about to give it up. I don’t care who or what used the idea before me. I came up with the domain back in 1999. I believe it’s pretty well established exactly who damnage on the web is.


I run a recording studio in my home and I utilize it to make all kinds of original music. I release most of it under the name skrewicide to avoid confusion with damnage wannabes. I get to say that because I spent the last twenty years establishing the name and the brand. I get the final say because…

I own it.

The IceHouse Studio

So when you see “Original Music by: s k r e w i c i d e” at the end of any of the films I put out – the studio also doubles as a film editing lab – it’s me, Mikey, just doing my hyper-creative thing.

My SoundCloud account is embedded above for your listening pleasure. It’s an eclectic assortment of stuff I either composed or remixed.