The Essence of Reality

Once you’ve seen reality for what it is, you can’t unsee it. It permeates your existence with truth, filtering every piece of information entering your brain through your senses. What we consider to be real, simply isn’t, not in the sense we’re led to believe it is anyway.

Reality, and what we would refer to as the universe, is simply a projected holographic template which consciousness essentially utilizes as a playground.

I say template because we’re all co-creating this reality simultaneously with one another. The template itself is governed by mathematics and geometry, arranged into an atomic structure, but each one of our individual actions, interactions, intentions, loves, and fears are poured into this mix to co-create an ever-evolving final product. Our interaction with this set template governs how it all unfolds. When someone new is born into it, the reality changes, as it does when someone dies out of it.

We’re all individual expressions of one consciousness.

Matter doesn’t exist. The world isn’t solid.

Clap your hands together.

Was that one solid hand hitting another one?

No, it wasn’t.

Atoms are nearly totally empty space. You’re composed of atoms, therefor, YOU are composed entirely of nearly empty space. The reason why your left hand didn’t pass through your right hand and instead made a distinctive clapping sound was not a collision of mass or matter. It was a collision of forces. The forces of electrons rapidly orbiting around central nuclei of protons, chemically bound together to other like-minded atoms to make molecules, to make cells, fifty or so trillion times over to construct your human body.

The more slowly those protons and electrons move, the more dense an object seems to be. Heat those atoms up and they’ll move faster. Put an ice cube in a frying pan and place it on a hot stove. With the heat of the burner applied, you’ll witness the results of atoms moving faster. First, of course, the ice will melt into water, and if the heat remains, the water will boil and become steam. This all happens because of a change in the speed of the electrons’ orbit around the proton nuclei. As the water cools, those electron orbits slow, and the steam will become water once again. If the temperature is cold enough (0° centigrade/32° Fahrenheit), the electrons’ orbits will slow even more and the water will freeze into ice again.

Reality is almost like a dream, playing itself out. What happens when one expression of the individual consciousness becomes lucid in this dream? In a sleeping dream, lucidity often means the dreamer takes control of their surroundings and begins to govern the dream. This is also true of the dream we call reality – with some important caveats.

It seems, once we’re lucid, we can recognize the reality as its own dream, but taking control of it isn’t quite as easy as taking control over the sleeping dream. In the sleeping dream, the individual conscious expression, the dreamer, is making up the rules governing the reality. In waking reality, there are many conscious beings contributing to the overall state of the reality and there are set rules in place we can’t seem to easily overcome.

We couldn’t, say for example, alter the Phi Ratio to a number other than 1.618. I believe in all possibilities being possible, but I think such a drastic change in the reality, like “adjusting” the Phi Ratio which would alter Fibonacci Sequence, which would have dramatic implications rippling across everything we know, from how a galaxy unfolds in its spiral, to the symmetry of the human body, to how a flower blooms, would require all aspects of consciousness coming to an agreement to such a huge change in the rules, and I’m sure consciousness wouldn’t just do it to see what would happen.

Then again…

Maybe universal consciousness does play “What would happen if?” – it’s interesting to speculate about some sort of “sandbox” dimension in the universe where universal consciousness tries out different templates of reality to see how they’d work. Who’s to say we’re not in one of those right now?

Anyway, I’m digressing.

I’m sure the rules exist for a reason. More than likely the rules are in place to prevent all those loves, fears, and whatnot from pulling the whole thing apart. Imagine what would happen if every erratic human desire suddenly became real and tangible all at once. The reality would implode within a matter of seconds! There has to be basic rules set in place to prevent this from happening, so we have universal mathematical constants like geometry, Fibonacci, Phi, and Pi to name a few.

There also seems to be a system of cause and effect in place to keep everything balanced. Some people refer to it as karma, or “what goes around comes around”.

The “do unto others” Golden Rule philosophy attributed to Jesus is another form of this understanding. This rule isn’t made up, no more than numbers are made up. We discovered karma the same as we discovered there is a sequence of ten digits, zero through nine, that seem to be part of what governs this universe.

That brings me to my next point. Part of this reality construct is the absolute basis on which it’s governed. Just as you’re reading this information I’ve pieced together on a computer (or as the result of a computer) with its reality within this reality being based on a series of ones and zeros (1 = on, 0 = off), I believe our collective consciousness reality is being decoded on what I refer to as a decimary computer system based on a series of numbers from zeros to nines. The binary computer is sophisticated enough to mimic our reality on a screen. The decimary computer IS the reality we translate through our senses.

Take a long, hard look at the concept and let it sink in. I feel the possibility is more than distinct that we’re living in what amounts to a computer-generated hologram universe. The construct seems to obey rules the way a computer would.

We’ll come back to this another time.

The rules can’t be broken. No more than a binary computer could process trinary information. Yet because we live in a universe where everything is possible, the base rules can be changed, but I feel this can only occur when all aspects of universal consciousness are in agreement it’s a good idea, as I touched upon before.

I also believe the rules can be bent to an extent.

Again, in behavior similar to a computer, set rules cannot be broken, but they can be worked around. They can be hacked.

I’m not the first person to figure this out. Aleister Crowley wrote about all of this in Magick in Theory & Practice. He referred to it as a technology. I believe he was correct. If you go this route in the reality construct, just remember the rule of karma. Bending the rules have consequences and sometimes these consequences can be disastrous.

Not to say Crowley figured it out first. He didn’t. People knew it before and people are rediscovering it again. I believe the knowledge has been building back up for thousands of years, and we’re now living in a period of a knowledge tsunami wave.

What we perceive as time is cyclic. Time is not a dimension, as I’ve heard it suggested. Time is simply the way our brains organize events. That’s all it is. That’s all it can be. If you were to step 10 kilometers outside of the Earth’s orbit, what would time mean to you then? When would your birthday be? When should you go to bed? What time will lunch be?

(Answers: Your birthday shouldn’t be important to you, you should sleep when you’re tired, and you should eat when you’re hungry. Digits on a wristwatch or hands on a clock’s face shouldn’t govern when you eat, when you sleep, or anything else for that matter.)

The “flow” of time has been shown to “drag” near large objects and “flow” more “freely” in the absence of larger drags on gravitational pull. I believe, to an extent, time is fluid, flowing in one direction like a river.

Time is all about how you perceive it. Time is an illusion.

If you live near a forested area, observe a small animal like a squirrel or a chipmunk. Notice how its movements seem fast, almost jerky? The animal is decoding time slightly differently than you are. In the squirrel’s perspective, it moves as normally and naturally as we seem to ourselves. I’m sure in the squirrel’s perspective, we humans appear to be lumbering and slow in our movements.

From what I’ve observed, smaller animals decode time as being much slower than we do, and therefor their movements in time seem more rapid to our perception. It’s why an insect can fly through pouring rain. To the insect, the raindrops are nearly static, and it can simply maneuver around them. The insect has what we consider to be a short lifespan, but to the insect, it seems to be as long and full as ours seems to us.

A cat can snatch an insect out of the air and put it under its paw with near lightning rapidity. To the cat’s decoding of time, the insect is moving more slowly than the way we perceive it.

Have you ever been in a life or death situation where time seemed to slow down for you? In that moment, you subconsciously chose to decode time more slowly to give yourself more “time” to react to a situation.

By the way, our concept of time has been turned against us by people who have figured out how all this works and it’s used against us as a means of controlling our God-given free will. These people know how cycles in time work. They’re easy to spot in the playground. They’re usually the ones with all the money and the power to influence the outcomes of world events. They understand the hacks to get around the rules of the construct. They began in this dispensation of what we call time as the priests, judges, and kings. They had this knowledge in a time before the time we’re living in now. The current oligarchy had this knowledge passed down to them through hundreds of generations of their lineage. I’ll explore this more in other articles.

For right now, I’m just trying to shake the foundations of what your school teachers, church preachers, and the television taught you was “real”. If you found this information, you’re probably one of those people who identify with the term “awakened” or “being awake”. Let’s get this straight right now. If you watch television every day, text with your friends on your iPhone, vote in elections, and stand in line in front of the Best Buy waiting for the release of the newest electronic gee-gaw, or if you dislike another person because of their religion or race, you’re snoozing.

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to offend you, I really don’t, but if you’re dancing to the tune of the fiddle the “establishment” is playing, then you can’t begin to see how they’re manipulating you behind the stage.

For one thing, artificial technology is used against you as a means of control and distraction.

The civilizations who came before us on this planet didn’t need it, and it wasn’t because they were primitive. They were far more advanced than we could hope to be right now. Humanity is in a dejected and fallen state of being. We have been for thousands of years. We were once immensely powerful beings, but we fell from our state of grace, and became sleepy, greedy little versions of ourselves. The good news is, we’re coming alive again, and we’re only just beginning to remember our true potential.

Being “awake” or a “truther” is just another label like any other label. I see it as a category in society for truly arrogant people. Arrogance is a form of spiritual blindness. You shouldn’t identify with anything other than being an expression of infinite consciousness and awareness – and there’s the key word right there – aware.

Being awake is one thing, but how aware are you?