1992-94 Jackson Parts-Mutt

The finished product. It’s basically an old 90’s Jackson super-strat that wants to look like an Ibanez (?) – hard to say.

Its composition is a 90’s Jackson black basswood body coupled to a 1994 Jackson JSX94 Concept (17mm) neck. The “devil bat” decal covers some pickguard damage from the previous owner.

The trem is (my favorite) a Jackson JT-580. I rebuilt one and jammed it in there. Actually, it’s what would have come with the body as the stock locking trem.

The pickups were really beat-looking (ordinarily, I never do this, I love Jackson’s stock stuff from this era), so I replaced them with Dragonfire Crusaders. The green knobs and switch tip also came from Dragonfire’s parts selection.

The verdict?


It fucking screams.

It looks like it’s a beat up PoS that plays really well, and that’s what it is. You can’t touch a Jackson 17mm compound radius neck from this era for ease of play-ability. Ibanez Wizards SHIVER at how fast these things can play.

It’s my favorite guitar as of this writing…