The Elite

You can’t get too far into these so-called conspiracy circles without reading or hearing a lot of talk about the upper echelon oligarchy who control everything from deep dark shadows in society.

Since you’ve found your way to this information, then I’m sure you know the names and the organizations these people belong to. I have nothing new to offer here. In fact, my information concerning them is probably painfully outdated. The reason for it is:

I seriously don’t care.

The first thing we need to do with the oligarchy is to simply acknowledge they exist and in doing so we identify the problem.

Researching “The Illuminati”, in my opinion, is a blind alley. It’s a never ending rabbit hole of despair. It can be somewhat interesting at times to gain some understanding and insight into how the mechanics of their systems work, but for me, it’s enough to know these people exist. Knowing about who does what, what family controls what interest for what purpose is pointless. It’s enough to know and understand they have the money and the power to run my life and the lives of everyone I come into contact with.

It’s enough to know they control mainstream mass media, so they control information and entertainment. I barely pay any attention to it, but from what I understand, the lines between what entertains and what’s supposed to inform becomes a little more blurry with each passing day.

It’s enough to know they control corporations and governments.

And it’s all my fault because I allow it. Just as it’s your fault because you allow it.

We need to take ownership of the problem. We created them. We allow them to control us. We give our personal power over to them.

We need to purge any hatred or resentment towards them. Hating someone who has power over you when you gave them the consent to have that power is a useless waste of energy. If you’re in a mindset where you’re feeling hatred or resentment towards these people in any way, get out of it. You and I put them into power over us with our acquiescence, and through our silent consent, we keep them there. Hating them only feeds them and makes them stronger.

We possess the ultimate weapons to end their dominance in our society; Our attention and compliance. We simply just need to stop paying attention to them until they decide they’d like to join the rest of us in building a better world existence. This is not dissimilar to a child’s “time out” when they’ve been bad.

It amazes me how we’re controlled. There are, as of this writing, more than 7.4 billion people on this ball of salty mud called Earth. How many people out of that number actually run things?

Literally a few hundred, maybe. It’s definitely less than a thousand.

That’s basically what you need to know about the so-called illuminated ones.

That’s it.

The point of all this rhetoric is – we GIVE our power to these people.

And they’re cowards.

And they’re terrified of us.

They’re terrified of what we might do if we figured out their scam. They live behind thick, high walls with armed guards at the gates of fortified castles.

What if we all called out sick from work for one day? I’m talking every conceivable job in the civilized world. What would it do to stock markets and world economies? Seriously, think about it. What if we all just stayed home for just one day? No riots. No looting. No violence. We just stayed home and spent time doing what we want to do for a day instead of doing things we don’t want to do for a paycheck.

Better yet, what if we just stopped paying attention to those few hundred people who run everything? That’s it. Just stop paying attention to them and did our own thing. What would they do then?

Governments would collapse. Corporations would go bankrupt. European royalty would defecate on top of sewer grates in the streets just to get somebody to look at them.

What I’m trying to illustrate through all this rhetoric is: A violent and bloody revolt isn’t necessary. Stockpiling weapons isn’t necessary. In fact, violence would actually play into their agenda and move it further along more quickly.

We’re not organized. Most times, good people never see a viable reason to become organized. However, the bad people who run things are HIGHLY and methodically organized. They’ve been working on an agenda to consolidate total control over the world for thousands of years with power, money, and knowledge being passed from generation to generation along with the responsibility for getting “the great work” nearer to its completion.

To these people, we’re “the useless eaters“. We’re locusts that consume the world’s resources they feel are their personal property and birthright. We’re getting closer to a time of consolidation of world power because the agenda is being hurried, mainly because those elites feel there are entirely too many of us to manage now. Worse than that, to them, we’ve entered into a cycle in time where we’re beginning to “wake up” and question why things are as they are.

It’s why they’re putting fluoride into the drinking water and having doctors prescribe fluoride compounds like Prozac as if they were candy. It’s why aspartame, a known poison which causes brain lesions, is in so many commercial soft drinks. It’s why we’re increasingly made to become dependent upon technology like cellphones. Have you walked into a suburban shopping center and seen people lately? I’m in my forties. I grew up in the seventies and eighties. People now don’t look like they did when I was a kid. They look sickly, frightened, and more and more of them have this vapid expression on their faces like they’re just lost. A lot of them are just totally glued to cellphone screens.

And no, getting a group of good people organized wouldn’t solve anything. With our programmed responses to stimuli, and the system that’s in place, assuming those good people stood up and overthrew the oligarchs, those revolutionaries would become the new oligarchs. The problem runs higher and deeper than a few banking cartels. We were given a broken and corrupted way of doing things by pure malevolence itself to ensure nothing about it changes.

Suffice to say, your government exists because you’re willing to be governed. Powerful people exist because you’re willing to give them power.

You’re trained to think in these terms from the time you’re born. Your parents, as loving and well-meaning as they may be or might have been, began your training and indoctrination into the oligarchical society. They’ve taught you to obey and not to question authority.

It gets worse when you enter school. You’re told to stand, pledge allegiance to the flag, sit down, shut up, and assimilate everything the adult at the big desk says verbatim with a test each week to see how well you’ve absorbed the program. Maybe you have a decent memory and you can show how well you can remember their bullshit on command. Congratulations. You get to go to a “good” university and go into crushing debt by mortgaging your future. At the end, you throw your masonic mortar board in the air because you’ve earned a “degree“. If you’ve done really well and have some friends in higher places, you may end up getting into the halls of power and be granted the illusion of making laws and policies for your countrymen. Or, you can question the information the robotic teacher spews from his or her maw every day and get a job in the service industry preparing fast food for the rest of the zombie consumer population.

By the time you’re a graduate from the educational system, you’re a full-on, flag-waving oligarchy supporter. You’re primed and ready to marry and reproduce a new generation of slaves to feed the greed of those at the top.

We need a revolution.

Not a political revolt, nor a revolution in thought. Thought got us into this mess, and I seriously doubt the process of thought will get us out of it. There needs to be a revolution in our state of being at the level of consciousness itself. Once that occurs, I believe it will all come to a grinding halt and begin again. Hopefully, what comes will be a better way of doing things than what we have now.