Do you hate the system?


Because it oppresses you?

If I were someone who gambled, I would make a serious wager that if you’re someone who hates the system, you’d be the first one to sell out to it for a little extra favoritism, some money, or an illusion of power.

On a simplified level, what you need to learn is that “the system” is an expression of your willingness to be led.

Why hate it? You’ve brought it into being and you maintain it with your acquiescence.

Consciousness is one. You’re one expression of it. The system is another. Hating the system is hating yourself, and I would suspect those who hate anyone have some self-loathing going on. It’s time to break away from the mode of thinking that says hate is normal. Hate is an aberration of the human state, not a consequence of it. Hatred is a mask of fear. Besides, hatred feeds the system and gives it what it needs to sustain itself and grow.

You’ve been systematically divided and conquered. You’ve been divided by your sex, race, sexual orientation, income, social standing, political beliefs, hobbies, spiritual beliefs, have you had enough yet? Do you like being identified as a gay black twenty-something democrat christian suburbanite woman who collects jade figurines on her fifty-thousand dollar-a-year salary? If that describes you, is that who you are? Is it all you’ll ever be? Do want or enjoy being categorized and placed in a box with other people with similar ethnic backgrounds and interests? What if you moved from the suburbs to a rural area? Where would you fit then? It’s ridiculous. No matter who you are, don’t identify yourself with labels. Identify yourself as infinite human consciousness experiencing a human life. Enjoy it. Learn from it. Ultimately, you’re here to learn from the experience of being here. It’s easy to get trapped and caught up in the illusion you’re living, I understand, but it’s also fairly easy to take a step back and understand what you are, where you are, and why you’re here. You’re awareness. You’re an expression of an infinite universe desperately trying to understand itself.

See the system and recognize it for what it is. It’s you and you’re it. You participate in it. It’s a part of you, and you’re a part of it. If you’re going to change anything about it, you have to change the aspects of yourself you dislike first. There’s nothing to gain by hating yourself or others.

This where I’m supposed to talk about love, right? Wrong – sort of.

If you’re thinking blind, wishy-washy, smoochie love, then you’re wrong. Love comes in many forms, and one of the most underestimated and powerful permutations of the emotion is gratitude.

Be grateful.

Be thankful.

Fill yourself with thanksgiving.

You’ve been lied to by a system that couldn’t care less about you for your entire life up to this point?

Good. Be thankful.


Because you’ve realized it, and now you can move forward. You won’t believe the lies anymore. Ignorance isn’t a bad thing. It’s only bad if you ignore it. Ignorance can be a beautiful thing when you discover it in yourself and learn from it. It means you’re progressing in this reality and becoming a better person. It’s a wonderful thing. It also means you won’t be fooled again by the same situation, which is also a blessing. Never be embarrassed by your own ignorance. Take pride in discovering something you were ignorant about your whole life.

To use an analogy, if I had a disease for most of my life, I’d like to know about so I could begin healing and feeling better. I’d prefer to find out about it as soon as possible, but I’d certainly prefer to find out about it later in life than not at all.

By the way, I’ve heard it said, and I believe it to be true: Death is no cure for ignorance. You can be dead in this world, gone totally fourth dimension, and still be in a state of ignorance. Ask any ghost.

Be kind. This is also a form of love. Do I mean go out and give a lump of money to poor people? No, I don’t mean that at all, though if it’s something you choose to do, more power to you. It certainly isn’t a bad thing, if you do it for the right reasons.

What I mean is, hold a door open for someone. If someone drops money on the ground, call their attention to it. These are acts of kindness. Kindness is a form of love.

It’s worth repeating, so I’ll write it again. Be kind.

If you need some selfish, self-motivating, self-serving reason to commit random acts of kindness, remember karma is very real. You’ll be paid back in this universe for any kindness you demonstrate. You might be paid back by someone else who’s looking to score karma points, but that’s okay. It’s a start.

Eventually, showing kindness and decency towards your fellow human beings may become habitual. You may even like it. You may even begin to feel a little bad if you’re given a situation where you could be kind to someone and you pass it by without acting on the impulse. Eventually, random kindness becomes its own reward and you’ll look for opportunities to show it and by looking for them, they’ll almost magically become available.

Create a positive feedback loop for yourself.

Believe it or else, it’s pretty easy to do!