Instagram is Useful

by Michael Rogers

Okay, so after messing around with it on my phone, I found ways to make some use of Instagram.

It wasn’t easy.

I still stand by original criticisms of Instagram. For a guy like me, who’s very much about web development, working from a cell phone can be tedious.

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The big selling point for me was the ease of copying and pasting an URL into WordPress to create an automatically embedded thingie anywhere within the site.

By the way, that’s Ginamarie, my girlfriend, in the post above. Why not show her some love and throw down a like for the meme I made for her?


This whole ease of working within WordPress sold me.

Yes, it’s still a pain in the ass to go to other social media sites, download my own fucking memes to my phone, then upload them to Instagram. Ideally, since I can be so damned prolific¬†with making them, I’d like to see what works best where (Facebook, Twitter, etc…), then sort of tailor what I want to say in different mediums to different audiences.

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Enjoy a photo I took of the moon like ten years ago…

Yeah. It’s quick, simple, painless, and too easy to do. This may be habit forming.