Instagram is Useless

by Michael Rogers

I seriously forgot just how utterly useless Instagram really is.

To start off I created an Instagram account today. Actually, I’d forgotten I had one already, which just shows how useful it was to me before.


I starting putzing around with it and realized, HEY! I can’t upload anything to it from a computer! How worthless is that?


I really don’t have much use for cell phones. Not when it comes to graphic design anyway.

I utilize tools like Photoshop and Vegas Pro to make graphics and movies, which I thought would be really cool to share in Instagram.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Do they seriously expect me to transfer files from my computer to my phone just to upload them to their moronic site? Seriously?

I mean fine, I get it. I see it. Most people live on their phones. Most people aren’t looking to create art. Most people don’t care.

I tried to utilize the Windows 10 app for it. No go. It won’t do anything other than trying to access the computer’s microphone and camera.

I also forgot about the idiotic 612 x 612 pixel picture format, too.

All in all, for a creative cat like me, Instagram is pretty fucking useless. I’m sorry I tried to join back up with it.

Edit: Though these criticisms still stand, I have found some uses for Instagram within a WordPress environment.