My God’s Better Than Your God

Western culture has this odd belief system involving the celebration of diversity. Why?

These people over here believe in this, and these people over here have a different physical appearance to those people over there who believe in that religion which is an amalgamation of these beliefs from these people over here, but those people will never admit to it because they dislike these people…

Okay. Just stop.

Take a deep breath, and read.

We shouldn’t be celebrating how different we are. Celebrating difference is celebrating division. We shouldn’t be looking for ways in which we differ as people to celebrate. We should be looking at what common goals unite us and how alike and connected we truly are. There are some minute differences in the ways we express ourselves as different cultures, sure. There are some minute differences in how we express ourselves genetically, with the shapes of our eyes to the amount of melanin in our skin. So what? Why emphasize it? Why place so much importance upon it? Why even care?

Caring about such minute differences in ourselves creates division in our society and allows social engineers to place people in little boxes of classification. Accepting this division is the acceptance of being ruled.

Remember what I’d stated in another article on this site? It’s worth repeating, so I’ll write it again: A united and informed population cannot be ruled. A divided and ignorant population is easily controlled.

Right now, we’re controlled. We’re divided and ignorant. It’s okay though. It’s okay because we’re beginning to realize and understand how ignorant we truly are. If you want to call it “waking up”, by all means, call it waking up. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s happening on a scale never seen in recent human history. Acknowledging one’s own ignorance is a wonderful thing. When you acknowledge your ignorance, it means you’ve learned something new and you’re growing and maturing as a conscious entity.

Religions are beginning to crumble and fall apart, and I praise God they are. We don’t need them and their corrupt platitudes. The universe is a dangerous place for a human body, but not for human consciousness. Religion has eased the fears of the human mind and body for thousands of years now. The price of our placation was fear and ignorance.

We’re taking the next step in our evolution as a species and we don’t need the comfort of religion’s training wheels to keep us from falling over. If you understand there is a God and you’re an immortal expression of infinite consciousness, what more do you need? Make it up for yourself, I promise you, whatever way you go with it, you’re right. You choose. You decide. If someone tells you you’re wrong, so what? It’s okay to be wrong in someone else’s eyes. Maybe you’re here to learn something different than what they’re here to learn.

Here’s a little secret of the universe I learned a while ago:

People were meant to live in abundance not in luxury.

There’s a lot of information in that sentence. Study it. Learn from it. Live it.

This is a part of ourselves we’ve lost to religions, technology, and materialism.

You see, ancient peoples knew many things. On the surface, they appeared to live simply, but they had command over powers we today would consider god-like. They communicated their knowledge using simple archetypes, say, like a flower – encoded within are vast concepts like Fibonacci and Phi (among MANY other things), but they picked a symbol which they felt was easily recognizable by anyone in any culture to communicate an idea through. We’re so far divided from who we were (by design), we can’t understand these simple concepts anymore and stories written by the ancient peoples were either co-opted into religions or just dismissed as ridiculous.

According to their records and writings, ancient peoples were capable of inter-planetary, inter-stellar, and inter-dimensional travel.

And no, these weren’t peyote/ayahuaska-induced hallucinations. These people knew what our solar system looked like when approached in space and they documented it in stone. They knew about atoms and cells. They not only knew the macrocosm and microcosm, they lived it.

We tend to see everything through a lens of technology. The ancients didn’t need a spaceship to travel. They would’ve considered our technologies to be crude and quaint. Why rip all those precious metals from the Earth and take the trouble to synthesize plastic from petroleum to create a cellular phone when you’re capable of communicating to anyone, anywhere, at any time instantaneously using just your thoughts? They would consider us to be handicapped versions of themselves using overly-complex prosthetics to do what they did with simplicity and ease.

They were able to create masterpiece feats in engineering and architecture that we today can only marvel over and cannot begin to reproduce.

My hope for humanity is that we can return to reclaim what’s truly ours in this universe. We’re a great and wonderful form of life and consciousness. We’re a universe whole unto our individual selves desperately trying to understand an external universe we co-exist in.

We’re beautiful and creative beings. We have emotional and intellectual capacities funneled through our limited perceptions into something unique and wonderful. Man or woman, you’re a unique expression of consciousness. You’re a part of everything, and everything is a part of you. You’re made from the stars. The carbon, hydrogen and oxygen (among other stuff) which comprises your physical body has been blown out into the oceans of space from the death of stars. You’re creator beings who get to participate in an ever-evolving masterpiece canvas called the cosmos. Appreciate yourself and every other living thing around you. There is no other time except now. Past, future, and present are just illusions of your mind’s perception. Make your contribution to this canvas using your individual perspective and perceptions and learn from what those around you contribute and create.

I want to end this piece with a simple wish of “happy birthday” to my mother who would’ve been seventy-five years-old today. Happy birthday, mom. I miss you and I love you.