Twittering II: Electric Boogaloo

by Michael Rogers

Yeah, I’m tweeting even more

So okay.

Before she died three years ago, my mother had a Twitter account she began in 2009. It’s ten years old now.

Basically, she posted three times to it, got bored, and went back to what she was doing with Facebook.

A couple of weeks ago, I began reading up on Twitter bots. I read different accounts about how Twitter is anywhere between fifteen percent to possibly nearly all bot users.

Well, bots and Donald Trump.

The more I thought about it, the more intriguing it became. I could create a Twitter bot. I could have it post stuff for me. I dunno…

I read somewhere else that really old accounts weren’t targeted by Twitter because, they’re like…


So it occurred to me to resurrect my mother’s old account and try botting with it.

I never got that far.

It just seemed useless, ultimately.

I got as far as “damnaging” it, making it @damnagedotnet as opposed to @damnagedotcomI gave it some snazzy b-roll graphics that didn’t get used anywhere else and away I went. I mean, after all, I have the two domains, so why not?

I left the original three posts my mom did up because I didn’t have the heart to take ’em down.

So now you’ll see two Twitter feeds in my side bar.

I might bot with it in the future, just to play around. The concept still intrigues me. I’m trying to keep the memes different to avoid repetition. I might set up some bot scripts on one of the servers to do it for me in the near future though.