Twitter is for Twitting

by Michael Rogers

Does anyone besides Donald Trump actually use Twitter?

Okay, obviously I’m using it now, but let me explain it…

It makes for a really cool and easily update-able side bar for this web site. I love making memes. I thought about creating a gallery for them, but meh…

Too much work.

Then it just occurred to me to just have a Twitter account, like I used to, and I can just dump all the memes there and use their embed thingie as a side bar deal. It works really well, and it’s simple as hell to keep updated.

So if people follow it, or not, I really don’t care. My girlfriend, Ginamarie, follows it, and that’s pretty much it. She never logs into Twitter. She basically logged in so she could follow what I was doing there and hasn’t logged back into it since.

Which brings me back to my original question. Does anyone, besides Donald Trump, pressitiute people, and other assorted politicians actually use Twitter?

I read once that people use Facebook to lie to people they know and use Twitter to be honest with total strangers.

I can’t gauge the veracity of that assertion because I seriously don’t know anyone who actually uses Twitter. I mean, I know people who have accounts there, but they haven’t logged into them in years in some cases.

I dunno…


It’s where I shuffle memes off to die.

If you’re intrigued, you can follow me there @damnagedotcom. You can also check out #damnage – as I’ve claimed that little hashtag as my own.