XX. Twenty Years of Damnage

by Michael Rogers

That’s right…

Damnage began in 1999 primarily for me to have a means to play around with CGI/Perl scripting. Stuff like The BlackList Top 100 was what I enjoyed messing with the most when I was 27.

I’ll be 47 this year.

In 2019, damnage is more about uplifting consciousness and freeing humanity from its enslavement.

Damnage always had its occult bent. I was always interested in hidden knowledge. I still am.

Mikey at 27

Though I’m still very much a hypercreative person. Damnage is also about original music, artwork, and film.

It’s about expression, which I think, if anything will free humanity from its prison, it’ll be creative artistic expression. Each of us are creative creator beings. It’s our greatest strength as people.

It’s why we’re so discouraged in society from thinking and creating for ourselves. The world becomes a much different place when you begin to tap your own creative potential.

I’d be willing to bet that once we actually get out of here, once we leave the womb of the Earth and begin meeting our neighbors from other star systems, we’re going to open a floodgate of music, art, and literature the likes of which collective sentience hasn’t seen before and will not see again for a very long time.

Maybe I’m biased towards my home team a little bit, but I feel as though there are intelligent people out there rooting for us to come of age and throw off the shackles of governments and religions so we can free up the thousands of years of creative excellence we’re hoarding and finally share it with other cultures.

damnage’s original cover page artwork


Damnage got a face lift for its double-decade anniversary.


Maybe I’ll change it up again in another five or ten years.

In the meantime, explore all that’s new here. I’ve been putting this incarnation of it together for the last couple of years.

another hand drawn graphic from damnage’s original inception