OpEd: Trump and His Phenomenon

by Michael Rogers

Before we get deep down into the gritty nitty meat and bones of this article, I’d like to get a few things out of the way:

I live in the United States. I was born here and I will more than likely die here. Since I turned eighteen years-old (legal voting age in the US) I’ve been registered in two political parties. I’ve been a registered Democrat and I registered for Ross Perot’s United We Stand America when it was active. However, I’ve spent most of my adult life registered as an independent voter, as I am today.

Until the last election, I hadn’t voted for anyone or anything since 1999. Once I saw how badly rigged our system is during Bush vs. Gore, I gave up. I mean, after all, if my vote gets negated because the Supreme Court appoints the president, then what’s the point?

I maintained my status as a registered voter during my absence from the polls. It would be sixteen years before a candidate came along who could convince me to vote again.

In the last presidential election, I voted for Donald J. Trump. It was the first and only time I ever cast a vote for a Republican candidate. I didn’t vote for the party. I voted for the man who hijacked it.

I’m not a racist. Before you lump me into a box like that one, read some of my other articles on this web site dealing with consciousness and the human condition. I don’t care about your gender or skin-tone, you’re an expression of living consciousness. At its source, consciousness is one entity which can express itself infinitely. In other words, I view hating you as hating an aspect of myself I don’t like. If there’s something in you that makes me feel fearful (love and fear are the two base emotions which all the others can be traced back to), then it’s something I want to get past so I can grow.

So, now you know where I stand, and where you stand with me. We’re on a nice, level playing field.

One last thing before we move forward, I’m not an apologist for Donald Trump. I see apologists in what’s called “alt-right” media quite frequently these days. In a way, you might say they need to be there in order to balance out the outright lies and mistreatment the alphabet networks spew out there, but it’s not me. The only person I can apologize for is myself.

So no apologies and no irrational fears in my writing, that’s my promise to you, the reader, for this article. All I ask in return from you is an open mind. Remember, like a parachute, our minds work better when they’re open.

Let’s be as rational as we can be. There’s a concept called globalism out there. Its anti-counter is another movement called nationalism. The pendulum has begun to swing back from globalism into nationalism all over the world, The Trump presidency is one expression of it. The Brexit from the European Union is another.

It’s partly fear-based, but I believe the fear is a rational fear. People are beginning to realize the global governance we’re being sold isn’t what’s in futuristic science fiction films. It’s a lot more harsh and dystopian. I have no qualms about a world government based on the model of a democratic republic. The one we’ve been led into the early stages of is based in socialism and oligarchy, and that vision needs to change.

Let’s make America great again! (Hopefully, by making it free again…)

Gritty Nitty

I went to see Donald Trump at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes Barre Township, PA a few weeks before the general election. I was there with what was estimated to be 15,000 – 17,000 other like-minded people. I immediately saw Trump would win the election. I never in my life saw a presidential candidate draw more people into a crowd than this man. The arena was at or near its capacity. I’ve been to several events there since it opened, and I’ve never seen it that full.

When he spoke, he spoke well. He was concise and very much to the point.

I was in front of the press box during the event. Being the tall man that I am, I had a very good view of the future president. After the speech, I walked down to the stage and got within ten feet of the man. All I can say is this: Trump has a very powerful aura and presence about him. He’s a man who commands attention and respect. He’s magnetic. In fact, a magnet is a good analogy. He has such a powerful aura about him, it draws others to him, in this case about 15,000 others, like a magnet draws iron filings. The more powerful the magnet, the more iron filings it can ball up around it.

I’ll also say Trump in person is much different than the guy on television. There’s a relatable and personable quality to him. You want to like him and you want him to like you.

Those were my impressions at a personal level.

At the left-brained, intellectual level, what this man had to say to all of us made a lot of sense. Good sense. Common sense.

There’s an immigration problem in the country. We need to shut down immigration from troubled areas – areas in more cases than not – the United States caused the trouble there to begin with. We need to shut things down until we can work out how to spot people who want to contribute to our society and differentiate them from people who want to destroy it. We also need to figure out who the bad people are who got in already and get them out before they cause problems.

In plain English, there ain’t a goddamned thing racist about these concepts and there are plenty of rational countries like Switzerland and Japan who practice these ideas already.

Another point he made was about how, as a nation, we sold off our industry. How we’re becoming the country who gave the world its first cars and assembly lines (via Henry Ford) to the country who serves Whoppers and Big Macs. We went from harnessing electricity and inventing the telephone to being a country of idiots who can’t think for themselves. The list is endless as to how far we’ve fallen in the world. Trump embodies concepts like ingenuity and creative thinking which made the United States great to begin with, and he isn’t shy about sharing his ideas with a crowd about how he feels he can elevate the country back to where it once was on the world stage.

Suffice to say. It was an impressive speech. It came off as coming from a place that was very genuine.

I have no regrets casting my vote for Trump. Seeing him go to work within hours of being sworn in impressed the hell out of me. I’ve never seen anyone go to work in that position so quickly. I never saw anyone take to the job with as much vigor and passion. He seemingly went right to work, attempting to make good on every campaign promise at once. I haven’t seen him on a golf course yet – and from what I understand the man enjoys golfing.

And the mainstream media hates him! YES! AND he snubs and name-calls at them every chance he gets! I love it. Seriously.

Everyone knows the media lies. Anchors and reporters are just rip and read mouthpieces for their corporate masters. Even their own polls show they’re only trusted by six percent of people [See also: Bad News: Just 6 Percent of People Say They Trust the Media]. It’s probably even less – given how polls are “cooked”. Based on similar polls, some media outlets were giving Hillary Clinton as much as a ninety-five percent win margin over Donald Trump. They throw crap like this at us and wonder why no one believes a word they say.

The latest tactic the media is employing is the old “reds under the beds” bullshit with trying to make us believe that everyone and their brother – including the President of the United States – are “Russian agents”. Seriously. Hardly anyone in the fifties believed this line of crap and it looks as though no one’s really buying into it now. These poor delusional fools actually believe they control the narrative in the world, even if no one believes or trusts them.

Suffice to say, television news is dying. No one, except maybe the elderly in our culture, gets their information from television anymore. When the alphabet networks attempt to translate themselves into the internet medium, they come across as outdated, dishonest, disingenuous, and quite frankly, stuffy and boring. Their way of doing things stopped working a decade ago. 

What will the future of a Trump presidential administration bring?

Summary: One Man’s Opinion

I’m glad I did vote for Trump. I’m proud to say, I’m one of many voters who turned the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania red on election night.

So far, Trump’s presidency marks the first time I’ve seen an elected official do exactly what he or she promised to do during a campaign. Trump promised to shake up Washington D.C. and he has. He’s shaking it right down to its rotten core.

Just as he did in his campaign, he rails against the state-run press in this country, decrying them as “fake news”, and calling them out on their false polls and outright lies. I love it. It takes a leather hide, two balls, and an aluminum bat to do what he’s doing. Treat the man with fairness and dignity, and he’ll talk to you. Treat him otherwise, and he’ll shun you and your organization. I believe most people can respect his attitude towards the presstitutes.

Even though I’m enjoying the spectacle, I’m still keeping a careful eye on what’s going on with our new administration.

I’m not willing to just sit back and say, “Okay, I did my part. I helped to get him elected. Now let’s see where it goes”. No. Uh-uh. Not happening.

This whole thing could just be another distraction in a long line of distractions. The whole nationalists against the globalists paradigm could very well be another divide and conquer, divide and rule strategy from on high.

It may be that as more people wake up to the concept of economic slavery and that none of us are truly free in this world, it takes sweeter bread and larger circuses to keep us entertained and distracted – and who’s better suited to be the ring master than a business/real-estate mogul and king of reality television?

It could all very well be a new twist in an old game. I will say Trump’s attitude towards Israel, the Kingdom of the Rothschilds, is particularly disturbing to me.

Then again, look at Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act). Trump tried to kill it, was opposed by congress over it, so he used his power of Executive Order to effectively neuter it by cutting the IRS out of the equation and killing the $5,000.00 tax penalty for not carrying health insurance, which, of course, was the worst part of the so-called Affordable Care Act.

So-far, so good.

He’s sticking to what he promised to do. He’s an enemy of the press. He’s an enemy to the majority of his own party and those in the opposing party are pretty much calling for his outright assassination.

My attitude is still one of wait and see. I want to look back a year from now and see where we’re at in all this. It might be a better time to determine how genuine the Trump Administration is or isn’t.