Lava Lamp

Way back in time, back in the early days of stuff, when I was a much younger man, I worked as an I & R Technician. I and R stands for “Install” and “Repair”. I mainly ran telephone and data lines for a company who’s all but defunct now.

Anyway, one job I was on was rewiring Kutztown University’s (in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania – near Allentown) on-campus dormitories for phone, cable, and data lines. It seemed that every dorm room I went through had a lava lamp in it. I thought they were cool, so I took some of my hard-earned bread, went to Spencer Gifts, and bought one. There’s a date stamp on the bottom of it, it reads in very plain English “September 17, 1997“, it’ll be twenty years-old this year.

Flash ahead nearly twenty years – while looking around in my basement for a DC adapter cable, I notice on a very unassuming shelf down there – my old lava lamp!

I had to see it work!

I ran down to Home Depot for a couple of 40 watt appliance bulbs, came back home, screwed the bulb in the socket, and it worked! Within an hour I was basking in the long-forgotten glow of lava goodness. It was so good, I decided to share it with the world. I mounted a camera in front of it and focused on the lower, more active portion of the lamp, hit the record button and let it fly. While I was recording 45 minutes of the lava lamp doing its thing, I composed some moody dark ambient music using Omnisphere. I combined it all into a film and the results are posted to my YouTube channel.

While looking around YouTube to see if anyone had the same idea before me, I saw there were a couple of people who did, but didn’t do it quite like I did – focusing in and trying to put the viewer inside the lamp. I thought what I came up with was fairly unique, actually.

I hope you enjoy it. I had a lot of fun putting it all together!