Enjoy Life

This is your learning experience. Are you enjoying it?

You’re supposed to be. Believe it or else, this life is supposed to be fun.

Maybe there are some things standing in your way. A belief system, or two, may be blocking your path. Maybe you feel as though you’re incapable of being content.

Through some experiences I’ve had, that, for brevity’s sake, I won’t go into here, suffice to say, I’ve had communication with people I’ve known and loved who have died.

Anyway – what I’m getting at is – after your demise, after you die out of this world, when you enter the next stage of this conscious level of existence, you arrive complete with baggage you spent a lifetime packing and probably didn’t even realize it.

Whomever said “You can’t take it with you” was wrong – dead wrong.

You carry the materialism you learned here with you there. More importantly, you carry your belief systems with you when you cross into the astral.

Your mind goes on for some time after you die. It’ll try to make sense of your new situation. It also provides a period of adjustment for you while you acclimate. It too will finally die its own death after it isn’t needed anymore, but for a time, it’ll manufacture familiar surroundings for you. You’ll also have an easier time communicating with living loved ones while the mind lingers.

Your mind provides thought – maybe – I’m still working it out – thought may provide mind – either way (thought is just another vehicle for consciousness anyway), thought provides the reality the source material it needs to exist. We live in what could be, and has been referred to a holographic universe, but in order to exist, the hologram needs information to work with.

Our collective thoughts, filtered through our emotions, provide this source material. Maybe you’re a dynamic thinker, a real go-getter, someone who wants things their way and won’t take no for an answer – occupation: billionaire. Maybe you’re unsure of yourself and wishy-washy, occupation: dish washer. You’re probably somewhere in between.

You carry your beliefs with you over to the other place, as I’d mentioned. There are just as many churches, temples, and mosques there as there are here – probably more.

After death, the phrase “group think” takes on a whole new meaning. When you die, you simply go to a place you resonate with the most. Chances are, if you have loved ones who have gone on before you, you’ll meet them when you pass on and they’ll lead you into their reality, which is more than likely a collective reality, which is where, ultimately, the collective thoughts and will of the group thinking culminate into what your astral self will accept as real.

You can run into trouble when it comes to what you resonate with. I can spell out endless scenarios here, but suffice to say, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. If you’re obsessed with materialistic pursuits, it’ll continue on into the next world. This can be heaven or hell, depending on your definition of it. Some people find pleasure in misery. If you spend a lifetime torturing yourself emotionally, you can spend an eternity doing the same thing.

The best way to really go is to be content with yourself in this life. Be open to new experiences (a tough one for me sometimes). Get rid of material excess.

Heh, I know…

On the surface, with all the studio gear and guitars I pour my available resources (energy) into, I may appear materialistic to someone looking in from the outside. I get it. The trick is, I’m not, because what those things represent to me are tools to accomplish a job. If I find a tool in my toolbox getting dusty and rusty, I trade it up towards a tool I know I’ll get more use from.

Guitars can be special to me sometimes. There’s something in the way wood and metal come together in an instrument to produce music, but ultimately, I know I’m just a caretaker for the next person who will inherit each instrument after I pass on.

The important thing is to get out of the mindset of work-buy-consume-die. It’s a merry-go-coaster to nowhere. Case in point – I don’t own a cell phone. I seriously don’t feel important enough to own one. If I were a doctor or a lawyer – maybe, but just little ol’ me? Nah. People tell me they’re fun, with all the texting and games and other numerous distractions. It isn’t for me. I’d rather spend my free time learning, experiencing, repairing something old, or creating something new.

By the way…

Just something I thought I’d share…

I’ve been talking forever about how what we perceive as reality is an illusion based in a universe that’s a hologram. Well, here’s a very recent USA Today science article which pretty much backs up what I’ve been trying to explain to people for years:

la luna

Mind blown: The entire universe could be a hologram