Ruled By Division

Divide and conquer. Divide and rule. I’m sure you’ve either heard or read these terms in your lifetime. I have news for you, the conquering part is done. You were pretty much born a conquered entity. There was never a time in your life when you weren’t conquered and dominated.

Since there isn’t much we can do about the being conquered part, we’ll focus on the part about being ruled. Ruled we can work with. Ruled has more to do with our present state of awareness. It’s something we can taste, touch, smell, feel, and see.

Turn on a television (the ONLY time in these writings where I’ll actually encourage you to do this) and flip through however many channels are available to you. Watch some of the programs and explain to me how you’re NOT ruled and controlled.

These are interesting terms, by the way, when you stop in your thought process and consider the meanings they convey. Channels, programs, programming – the television itself emits low alpha waves, which harmonizes and tunes your brain into a state where it’s highly susceptible to suggestions.

Advertisers have known about it since the beginning.

Have you ever seen a person who’s totally locked into what they’re watching on television, so much so, it appears as though they’re in a trance-like state? They are. They’ve gone totally alpha wave and they’re virtually in a download mode. It’s a guided daydream. Whatever the television is telling them are the beliefs and talking points they’ll bring up with you in a conversation a few of hours later.

It’s a kind of hypnosis.

Cutting through it and actually having a meaningful conversation with another human being can be an absolute bitch these days.

Media – television especially – is filled with social engineering suggestions. Actually, I shouldn’t even write the word “suggestions” because it conveys a sense of choice. Viewers are lulled into a heavy state of hypnotic suggestion via low-level alpha waves.

Just briefly, if you’re not familiar with the concept, your brain emits waves measurable in cycles per second (Hertz). They’re categorized as alpha, beta, theta, delta, and gamma waves. I won’t go into too much depth here, mainly for the sake of staying on topic. I may discuss brain patterns and their corresponding states in future articles though.

Suffice to say, beta wave emission states are your conscious, reasoning brain states. Alpha wave states are the daydreaming, and yes, hypnotized brain state. As the television puts out alpha frequencies, your brain will harmonize into them and you’ll be in a state of awareness where you’re HIGHLYsusceptible to suggestion.

This is why the television news programming doesn’t just convey disputable facts. It also adds commentaries and conclusions based on these assumed facts. You’re never just given a set of facts and left to draw your own conclusions. While you’re in a low alpha wave brain state, you’re given a set of facts and then literally guided in how to interpret and feel about them.

Maybe the news isn’t your thing. Perhaps you enjoy watching a movie or half-hour program about a protagonist who responds outlandishly to everyday circumstances – while you’re in this device-induced state of suggestion. This is a powerful form of behavior modification.

There’s a distinct reason why they’re called television programs. There’s a reason why television shows are referred to as programming. If you’re a devout television viewer, you’re subjecting yourself to programming. I won’t even go into the subliminal stuff, again, to try and stay with my original subject, but don’t fool yourself into thinking it isn’t there. It is.

The television is emitting alpha waves, so even if you’re not the in the room with it, you’re still being affected, and in my opinion, infected by it cognitively.

One thing you’ll learn in your television discourse of programming is you’re part of a group. Actually, you’re part of several. You’re one sex, or the other. Actually, these days, as a point of confusion, I believe, there are no longer just two sexes to choose from. If you believe Facebook, there are now, as of this writing, more than fifty sexes you can identify with.

Anyway, you’re taught to categorize yourself. You’re further taught you’re part of a race/ethnicity with a certain background and core values, then you’re part of a religious group with a certain belief system, which, by the way, despises this other group over here because their belief system is in conflict with yours – get it? If we’re all fighting one another, then we can’t see the manipulation happening to take our power away.

Hint: When you look at another person, don’t automatically seek out how they differ from you – as you were unequivocally taught to do. See them as no different from you – which they absolutely aren’t – and look for what you have in common with one another.

A united and informed population cannot be ruled.

A divided and ignorant population is easily controlled.

Every person has thoughts, hopes, dreams, and feelings. I promise you. Every person you encounter in life is no different from you, even though you’ve been told to believe otherwise your entire life.

Even the basic human condition of duality, man and woman (man with a womb) – men and women aren’t really all that different from one another (I’ll discuss masculine and feminine energy another time). We’re divided into two sexes in this reality because, for the most part, it’s how the reproductive process is designed to function.

When people are children, they’re indoctrinated with ideas about how each sex should behave. For instance, when I was a boy, I had the ideas instilled into me about how I should enjoy sports. Men enjoy competition, all that sort of thing. I never really got into it. I thought it was a distraction and a waste of time – I still do because it is. It’s no accident that many sports became “professional” with the advent of television. They’re there to appeal to the tribal instincts in human beings.

It’s also a great way to sub-divide people into factions. Colors are used to identify you with which faction you belong to. People RIOT and loot when they’re team loses. For that matter, people are known to riot when their team wins.

My mother learned to be a seamstress at an early age. She passed some of those skills to me. My niece, who’s still a child, was visiting with my wife and I one day a while back and found me mending a hoodie. She asked me what I was doing, and I explained how the stitches went and the cuff tore away from the garment and I was sewing it back together. Her reflex response was to ask why her aunt wasn’t doing the repair and I was. She was about eight years old at the time, I think. It begins early. Women sew. Men don’t. I had to explain to her some of what I’m trying to explain to you now.

This is divide and conquer. This is divide and rule. You were conquered the moment you accepted yourself to be the member of a sex, religion, and ethnicity. You were ruled the moment you looked at someone else as being different from you.

To take back what’s rightfully yours is fairly simple. Take a step back and realize you’re infinite consciousness and awareness experiencing a human life. When you realize this is an experience within a holographic construct that you’re supposed to be learning from, the imposed divisions melt away. You’ll stop giving your power over to those people who don’t deserve it and begin utilizing it to change your life for the better.