My God’s Better Than Your God

Western culture has this odd belief system involving the celebration of diversity. Why?

These people over here believe in this, and these people over here have a different physical appearance to those people over there who believe in that religion which is an amalgamation of these beliefs from these people over here, but those people will never admit to it because they dislike these people…

Okay. Just stop.

Take a deep breath, and read.

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Ruled By Division

Divide and conquer. Divide and rule. I’m sure you’ve either heard or read these terms in your lifetime. I have news for you, the conquering part is done. You were pretty much born a conquered entity. There was never a time in your life when you weren’t conquered and dominated.

Since there isn’t much we can do about the being conquered part, we’ll focus on the part about being ruled. Ruled we can work with. Ruled has more to do with our present state of awareness. It’s something we can taste, touch, smell, feel, and see.

Turn on a television (the ONLY time in these writings where I’ll actually encourage you to do this) and flip through however many channels are available to you. Watch some of the programs and explain to me how you’re NOT ruled and controlled.

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