Op-Ed: The Institution of Presstitution

by Michael Rogers

We live in an extraordinary time in human history.

There’s a war going on, and you probably never even realized it was happening.

The war is taking place on an intangible battlefield called your mind. The stakes are what you’ll accept as true and what you’ll believe is false. Your main weapon in this fight is research and your main source of protection is knowledge. Believe it, or not, your beliefs are a valuable commodity in this world, and there are people willing to fight and die a real death to make sure your beliefs line up a certain way.

Me? I just want you to believe whatever it is you came to believe on your own, without someone encouraging you to believe something one way or the other. I just want your beliefs and ideas to be truly yours, not someone else’s.

A long time ago, Oscar Wilde said:

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”

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Enjoy Life

This is your learning experience. Are you enjoying it?

You’re supposed to be. Believe it or else, this life is supposed to be fun.

Maybe there are some things standing in your way. A belief system, or two, may be blocking your path. Maybe you feel as though you’re incapable of being content.

Through some experiences I’ve had, that, for brevity’s sake, I won’t go into here, suffice to say, I’ve had communication with people I’ve known and loved who have died.

Anyway – what I’m getting at is – after your demise, after you die out of this world, when you enter the next stage of this conscious level of existence, you arrive complete with baggage you spent a lifetime packing and probably didn’t even realize it.

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Number Nine

If you read the article The Essence of Reality, then you’re familiar with my concept of the decimary computer and how I believe it governs the hologram reality we exist in. I made some brazen statements in that article about how I believe this reality behaves as if it were a computer program and how I feel different mathematical constants, like the Fibonacci Sequence, make up the rules of the construct.

I’m going to build a little bit more on those concepts in this article.

We’ll begin with the number nine because, for me, it’s the most interesting of Tesla’s three numbers and, I feel, it holds some of the most valuable information in the system. Continue reading “Number Nine”

My God’s Better Than Your God

Western culture has this odd belief system involving the celebration of diversity. Why?

These people over here believe in this, and these people over here have a different physical appearance to those people over there who believe in that religion which is an amalgamation of these beliefs from these people over here, but those people will never admit to it because they dislike these people…

Okay. Just stop.

Take a deep breath, and read.

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Ruled By Division

Divide and conquer. Divide and rule. I’m sure you’ve either heard or read these terms in your lifetime. I have news for you, the conquering part is done. You were pretty much born a conquered entity. There was never a time in your life when you weren’t conquered and dominated.

Since there isn’t much we can do about the being conquered part, we’ll focus on the part about being ruled. Ruled we can work with. Ruled has more to do with our present state of awareness. It’s something we can taste, touch, smell, feel, and see.

Turn on a television (the ONLY time in these writings where I’ll actually encourage you to do this) and flip through however many channels are available to you. Watch some of the programs and explain to me how you’re NOT ruled and controlled.

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Do you hate the system?


Because it oppresses you?

If I were someone who gambled, I would make a serious wager that if you’re someone who hates the system, you’d be the first one to sell out to it for a little extra favoritism, some money, or an illusion of power.

On a simplified level, what you need to learn is that “the system” is an expression of your willingness to be led.

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The Elite

You can’t get too far into these so-called conspiracy circles without reading or hearing a lot of talk about the upper echelon oligarchy who control everything from deep dark shadows in society.

Since you’ve found your way to this information, then I’m sure you know the names and the organizations these people belong to. I have nothing new to offer here. In fact, my information concerning them is probably painfully outdated. The reason for it is:

I seriously don’t care.

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The Essence of Reality

Once you’ve seen reality for what it is, you can’t unsee it. It permeates your existence with truth, filtering every piece of information entering your brain through your senses. What we consider to be real, simply isn’t, not in the sense we’re led to believe it is anyway.

Reality, and what we would refer to as the universe, is simply a projected holographic template which consciousness essentially utilizes as a playground.

I say template because we’re all co-creating this reality simultaneously with one another. The template itself is governed by mathematics and geometry, arranged into an atomic structure, but each one of our individual actions, interactions, intentions, loves, and fears are poured into this mix to co-create an ever-evolving final product. Our interaction with this set template governs how it all unfolds. When someone new is born into it, the reality changes, as it does when someone dies out of it.

We’re all individual expressions of one consciousness.

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