Analog Goodies

analog stuff

Holy shit, Batman! Where to start?

I guess we’ll begin at the top and work our way down:

The headphones are Audio-Technica ATH40 StudioPhones.

The board is an Allen & Heath ZED 24. I have the first six channels devoted to re-amping using the PreSonus ACP88 compressor on the right. You can read more about the satellite rack in the next picture.

Directly below, the rack begins with an ART PB4X4 power supply.

Below that is an ART Pro Channel II outfitted with J J Tesla tubes. I always record my guitars through this guy!

Beneath is an ART Pro MPA II outfitted with Tung Sol tubes – best suited to vocal work.

Then we have an ART P16 XLR patchbay, followed by an ART P48 patchbay. Most of the cables pictured are Hosa.

Click on the picture for a much larger view!

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